[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]DITA import plugin allows to allows to import DITA documents into WordPress and publish them as html webpages.


DITA is a standard mostly used for the purpose technical documentation. As structured and annotated information gain more and more attetion as means to optimze online communication DITA might be an option for any company focusmarketing

The plugin allows to import DITA (D.. Information and Text Architecture) documents into WordPress and publish them as html webpages. One DITA map file and several related DITA topic files and can be imported in the backend. One Ditamap files serves as source to create a navigation tree in WordPress. The WordPress navigation is setup according to the pre-hierarchy in the ditamap-file. Each topic is converted into a webpage. The list of supported DITA tags and related conversion rules from DITA xml to html can be found here.

DITA structure information (topic, section, paragraph, phrase) as well as bibliographic information embedded in DITA sources are injected to webpages as metadata in form of a JSON-LD script. SPAR Ontologies (Semantic Publishing and Referencing Ontologies)are used as vocabulary to create metadata. Sematic metadata related to authors and works (books, articles, websites etc.) are only created when mlReferences WordPress Plugin is installed and data is added accordingly.

Product Name mlDITAImport Demo Frontend
Version 1.0 Demo Backend(user: demo password: demo)
Updated 03.10.2017 [initial version]
Minimum Requirements
  • WordPress 3.9+
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x
Remark:ionCube PHP Loaders must be supported.
Other Resources DITA Sample Files DITA Samples (.ditamap, .dita, zip-file)
DITA Editor XMLMind (Open Source)
References Plugin Website mlReferences WordPress Plugin

Supported tags

The following DITA tags are supported and will be converted into HTML code by the plugin:

DITA Tag HTML Tag Note
abbreviated-form abbr
b strong
uicontrol strong When wrapped in a menucascade, a right arrow is added between uicontrols.
cite Will be converted to normal html text.
entry td
fig figure
image img href-attribute becomes src-attribute in html.
li li
lines figcaption
link a link-tags with scope „external“ get the attribute target=“__blank“, while others get target=“__self“.
menucascade span Adds a right arrow between uicontrols inside this.
ol ol
p p
ph p
related-links ul Adds Links: before the link list.
row tr
section section
simpletable table
stentry td
sthead thead
strow tr
table table
tbody tbody
tgroup Only the tgroup’s children are parsed.
thead thead
title figcaption
ul ul
xref a xref-tags with scope „external“ get the attribute target=“__blank“, for „local“ they get target=“__self“ and if it is an internal reference the html anchor link is set accordingly (e.g „#parent/child“ becomes „#child“).



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